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Meet Frederick (lead instructor)

Frederick attended Howard County schools from elementary through high school.  He grew up playing competitive tennis in Columbia, Maryland and competed against many of the regions top players.  He has taught the fundamentals of tennis to all age groups.  Frederick has a special ability to communicate with young, developing players, to make sure they learn good tennis habits with respect to body position, movement and strokes.  His philosopy is that tennis is a sport to enjoy and that proper etiquette and respect are important to keeping the game fun.  Frederick also works with advanced players on winning strategies for singles and doubles at higher levels of USTA or collegiate tennis.


“Frederick is a great t tennis

instructor, learning tennis is a lot of fun with him”– Carmen H.

“I started to play tennis with Frederick, now I am a competitive player thanks to him " - Erick B.

“My back-hand and serve are so much better now thanks to Frederick”
– Anna G.

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