We Offer Different Types of Tennis Lessons & Training

Individual Instruction (30, 45 or 60 minutes)

Individual Lessons help you progress in one or more areas of the game.  We help individuals define their personal objectives and aim to exceed them.  We view your improvement as a collaborative experience that can be both challenging and fun.  Some focus areas include, footwork, racquet position, stroke mechanics, power, mental stamina.  Advanced areas include, match and tournament strategy, court position, singles and doubles strategies.

Group Instruction (3 to 6 persons)

Players are grouped by skill level and focus on level-appropriate aspects of the game.  These aspects can include basics of how to footwork and court movement, use of different grip styles, beginning, intermediate and advanced serve techniques, ball placement and topspin slicing, one-handed or two-handed backhand techniques and many others.  All group sessions include individual instruction time, one-on-one play and drills paired with a partner. 


We emphasize core values for young, developing players.  We reinforce positive attitude and proper etiquette.  Our teaching style meets children at their emotional level and skill level to keep tennis fun, but also to enable all players to become highly skilled.